Enevare ∞ 豆千代

The “New Japan Mode [Tote / Bag]” was born of the meeting between the elegant and sophisticated forms of Enevare and the graceful and pop patterns of Mamechiyo Modern. Of course the [tote/bag] goes well with the Kimono, but this bag also effortlessly compliments western clothing, and this series can be enjoyed in various scenes, such as gorgeous parties or everyday use.


[The most important icon who ignited the biggest post-war kimono revival moment] Contemporary kimono artist, stylist, designer In 2012, the royal Victoria and Albert Museum in London purchased and housed Mamechiyo designed modern Kimonos for their permanent collection. In 2015, Mamechiyo created exclusive official collaborative designs with Van Gogh works for the Van Gogh Museum (Sold at the museum beginning September 5th, 2015) Authored books: “Mamechiyo Modern” (Chuokoronsha), “Mamechiyo Kimono a la mode” (Shogakukan), others.