About us


As there is no substitute for each indivisdual in the world, for each and every one of you there is no substitued for Enevare. Originating from Norwegian, it embodies the concept of “the only one”. In keeping with the concept our namesake embodies, since the launch of our bags in 2008, we have given the world many “one and only” designs. Enevare is always creative and elegant, and overflowing with love. In the pursuit of a beautiful and distinct design, Enevare leads you towards a world filled with joy and happiness – Enevare is the only one.


Graduated from Osaka University of Foreign Studies (now Osaka University), Department of Russian Studies, where she developed an interest in design, including fashion, architecture and interior design and began to cultivate an indivisual appreciation.
Following her experience in sales at a large company, Junko studied textile design at Nottingham Trent University, Department of Textile Design in England and at Bunka Fashion College, Department of Textile Design, in Tokyo Junko joined the sales and design teams of an apparel manufacture, and then, in 2008, established Enevare, a women’s handbag brand.

2009: Introduced the 2009/2010 Enevare autumn/winter collection
2011: Received a recommendation from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to represent Japan at the prestigious MIPEL show in Milan.
2011: Chosen as the best debutant of the year in the fashion department by The Men’s Fashion Unity in Tokyo, Japan.
2012: Selected to represent Japanese Leather brands, with a recommendation from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, at “Leather Japan 2012” show in New York.
2016: Launched a new Free-Gender brand – Junko Makino

Insistence upon “Made in Japan”

A bag is a member of your family who is always with you. It’s a jewel box in which you carry your treasure. That is why it’s essential to direct as much passion towards its function and quality as to design. All Enevare products are made in Japan. They are carefully and thoughtfully made, one by one, by the hands of the finest craftsmen using only the highest quality domestic and imported leather. Enevare also considers after-service to be an essential quality for long and continued use.

Excellence in Design

Since they are creative designs, they will continue to be loved by all generations. Enevare is always pursuiting a beauty beyond the current trends. That is one reason it’s creative. Our designs originate from very diverse sources, such as universal geometry and nature, as well as architecture or sculptures that transcend generations. Mystery – a suitable word to describe how a flat cloth, as if morphing into a butterfly, becomes a sculpture-like cubic. Constructive shapes, sophisticated designs. Yet warming to those who caryy them. The subtle cahrm of Enevare. Designed with the use in mind, repeatedly testing usability and function. There, more than anything, one finds the inexhaustible passion and love of the disigner.